Wasabi arugula

This is the kick your salad needs. Wasabi arugula’s spoon-shaped leaves add a tangy bite, similar to wasabi, with sweet, nutty undertones. The sharpness is quick, yet less intense than real wasabi, leaving behind a pleasant herbal taste. Its white flowers are also edible, with a light sweet-sour, nutty flavor.

This is the punch your salad has been missing. The plant has spoon-shaped leaves, growing in a loose rosette. The leaves are smooth, broad, flat and crisp with serrated edges, and the dark green surface is covered in prominent veining. It has a straight, and pale green stem that provides a crunchy and succulent consistency. At first it has a spicy, tangy bite, reminiscent of wasabi or horseradish but it is followed by subtle sweet, nutty and slightly bitter undertones. Note that the sharp flavors of Wasabi arugula is immediate and potent, but the nose-tingling feeling is less intense than true wasabi and the spice dissipates quickly, leaving pleasant herbal flavors. The plant also produces edible, white flowers, bearing faint sweet and sour, nutty taste.

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