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Locally Farmed Greens and Vegetables Gainesville Alachua

Growing wellness with fresh, sustainable greens for all.

We have a love for good food. We love a brilliant meal created by a chef and their team. We also love scratch-made, home cooked simple food. We believe passionately in the power of food to heal. Eating clean and fresh food nurtures our bodies and promotes wellness. There is also great power in the shared meal, the breaking of bread and the passing of the serving dish. We hope Autobarn Farms becomes the premier, consistent grower for our community so that our kitchens and tables (big and small) have access to the freshest, cleanest and most sustainable greens.

From the founders

We have our regular careers, but we want to create something new. We’ve always loved the beautiful, fresh, bright plate. The season’s blueberries, the brief offering of loquats or figs, the chestnuts and pecans always captivate but the simplest and most profound ingredients are the greens: the salad that sparkles and starts a meal, the crisp microgreens that top a sandwich, the sharp herbs that get muddled into a cocktail or flavor a dish in a truly unique way. Those tender shoots are our focus and our passion.

In the boundless pursuit of sustainable nourishment, we reach for the skies, reimagining the very foundations of agriculture. With hydroponics as our wings and vertical farms as our pillars, we cultivate abundant harmony, defying land and climate limits. Seed to sky, we sow change, nourishing our community.
Lisa Sanders, Owner & Marketing

Green up your plate with hydroponics!

Taste extraordinary flavors and enjoy pesticide-free, locally grown crops. Support sustainable agriculture for a greener, healthier community. Join us at our farm!

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