Our Farm

Nurturing community resilience through hyper-local harvests.

Fueling resilience and sustainability, Autobarn Farm cultivates a hyper-local farm within a compact shipping container, providing a continuous rotation of fresh lettuces, greens, and herbs to our community while minimizing environmental impact and reducing reliance on distant suppliers.

Clean, safe, conscious farming.

No soil, no diseases, and a controlled environment create a sanitary and hygienic setting. Responsible nutrient management replaces harmful pesticides for safer produce, while resource-efficient methods promote sustainability and environmental consciousness. Hydroponics epitomizes a forward-thinking approach, nurturing crops in a clean, safe, and eco-friendly manner for a greener and healthier future.

Hungry Yet? Savor the Flavor!​

Taste extraordinary flavors and enjoy pesticide-free, locally grown crops. Support sustainable agriculture for a greener, healthier community. Join us at our farm!

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