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At Autobarn Farm, we specialize in providing chefs with unique, high-quality produce for their creative culinary visions. Our Frisygo lettuce offers a unique twist on the classic iceberg, perfect for innovative salads. We custom-grow produce, ensuring freshness, consistency, and delivery reliability for special events and discerning restaurant menus.

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The Autobahn

After researching hydroponic systems, we chose Freight Farms for its efficient, sustainable, and automated Greenery S model, which can grow over three acres of food every seven weeks. At Autobarn Farm, we provide chefs with consistent, organic produce 365 days a year using less than five gallons of water daily.

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Little Gems

The lettuce glows with a pearlescent shimmer, like a hummingbird’s plumage or an oyster shell. Beyond the vibrant greens, the iridescent sheen makes each head look like a precious jewel, offering spectacular bundles of nutrient-rich food ready for your table.

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Prepare to launch…or lunch

Autobarn Farm has surpassed its initial expectations. We planted pelleted seeds on Thanksgiving weekend and by January 6th, harvested stunning trial crops of Swiss chard, mustard greens, basil, and over eight lettuce varieties. Their iridescent leaves remain crisp and unwilted, providing local chefs with a reliable source of fresh greens.

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